Presidential Candidates Weigh-In On Scathing White House Book

There's a new factor in the race for the White House:  The book.

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan's tell-all book that claims the Bush team used a propaganda campaign to sell the Iraq war means trouble for John McCain.

McClellan said Thursday that he rushed to get his book out now in the middle of the Presidential campaign to help change the way Washington works.

He also went on the Today Show to explain why he didn't quit in 2003 over what he says were White House efforts to sell the Iraq War.

"I felt like we were rushing into this, but because of my position and my affection for the President and my belief and trust in he and his advisers, I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  And looking back on it and reflecting on it now, I don't think I should have," McClellan said.

Barack Obama says the book confirms what he's been charging.
Hillary Clinton agrees.

"There isn't any doubt that President Bush has misled us.  The question now is what kind of President do we need going forward?" she said.

Her answer is still "her".

Clinton hopes the Democratic party will vote on Saturday to give her the delegates she says she won in Florida and Michigan.

Meanwhile, John McCain says he wasn't misled about the war.

"I know why I supported it, because I believed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, as did every intelligence agency in the world," McCain said.

Book or no book, McCain's not backing away from Iraq.

He's offered to go there with Obama, and Obama says he might go this summer...but not with McCain.