Stealing from the Dead

Criminals are cashing in on bronze funeral vases.

"They're taking something from someone who's not able to do anything for themselves," said Chuck Warren of Florida's Coral Ridge Funeral Home and Cemetery.

Warren says thieves stole 150 bronze funeral vases off graves over Memorial Day Weekend,  an act with a $70,000 price tag.

The thieves are coming ripping vases off grave sites by and pulling $400 pure bronze vases right out of graves.

"It is surprising that someone would actually stoop to a level like this. But we want to make all the scrap metal dealers in the area aware of it," said Warren.

Rob Weber, president of Garden Street Recycling, says his employees are on the lookout.

"It's a known item. It's something you would easily identify," said Weber. "Something like that we would go ahead and purchase it, get the IDs, license plate number of the vehicle bringing it in, and we would immediately contact the police department."

Hundreds of bronze vases were stolen about a year ago from Coral Ridge Funeral Home.

Police tracked the thieves down after they tried to sell the vases to a scrap yard.

They were ordered to pay restitution for the stolen items.

"Sick people will do sick things and to them, it's an easy grab," said Weber.

Fortunately for victims, surveillance video cameras at scrap yards like Garden Street will make the thieves an easy grab for law enforcement.