Montgomery Business Hit by Fire Sets Up in New Building

22 years of work and life up in smoke. "It's heartbreaking," said Vicki Carpenter about the fire at Auto Trim and Design.

After the fire, Carpenter and her co-workers were out of work; their livelihoods gone. Carpenter said, "I pulled up to that building for 22 years. It's like a second home."

Owner Walter Wallace didn't know where they would go or when they would be back in business. He said, "We have to find a temporary place." Wallace didn't know his search would end so soon.

A fellow businessman called to offer help. "I know what he's going through," said Donnie Turner.

Turner's childhood home caught fire. He said the community stepped up to help his family and now it's his turn. Turner donated a building so Wallace and his employees could get back to work. He said, "I was just trying to make sure they would be back open in a few days."

Ready to get back in business, workers hit the ground running. They spent the day moving in to the new building.

Turner is just one of the many people who has extended a helping hand. Wallace said a lot of people have called to offer help saying there generosity is, "heart warming."

Auto Trim and Design's new location is off the bypass behind Harbor Freight.  The phones are already working. Wallace hopes to be back open Monday.