Raising a Family: Montgomery Ranks 80th Nationwide

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- For lifelong residents Tomika and Anthony booker, leaving the Capital City to raise a family just didn't seem right.

"I think Montgomery is a pretty good place," Anthony Booker explained.  "It has a little bit of everything, and it's pretty much whatever you want it to be."

The city seems to be doing fairly well.

BestLife Magazine--a national publication--compared more than 250 cities across the country to find the best place to raise a family.

Montgomery is in the top 100, coming in at number 80.

Why did the city fare so well?

BestLife looked at a number of "quality of life" criteria including museums and theatres--two crucial fixtures within the community.

"We know that it's important to the growth of children and the growth of families, and I think being able to get away and do something that's enriching is really important," said Meg Lewis of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.

Don't forget the quality of education, as well as opportunities for recreation for parents and their children.

"We have the third highest budget behind Police and Fire Departments [in the city of Montgomery], so we have a lot of support," explained Carol Gunter of the Montgomery Parks and Recreation Department.

Though Montgomery--like so many other cities--has its share of crime, residents say the positives don't always come to light.

"A lot of times, you get a bad rap because of a few individuals, but this is a really good place.  I love it," Tomika Booker said.

Note: Montgomery wasn't the only place in Alabama receiving praise.  BestLife ranked Mobile 63rd out of 257 cities.

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Reporter: Cody Holyoke