Whistles Continue While Downtown Montgomery Waits

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- Montgomery city officials said nearly a month ago, they hoped to have the train whistles stopped by Jubilee CityFest.

The city wasn't so lucky.

As the train chugged along, the process to make Downtown Montgomery quieter slowly crept forward.

"I'm sorry it didn't get done by Jubilee, but some things just don't get done overnight," explained city Senior Staff Attorney Mickey McInnish.

On April 14th, city attorneys drafted a request to CSX for an application to declare the Coosa Street crossing private.

A request finally granted last week.

"It's just working its way through, making sure you have the right piece of paper and the right application," McInnish said.

For many businesses, especially hotels a block from the tracks, it's not soon enough.

"I had the opportunity to stay here Saturday night during Jubilee.  The trains are not only loud, but they come throughout the night," said Ray Ezelle of the Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center.

McInnish says the city's trying hard to eliminate the problem.

A plan drafted by city attorneys proposes posting officers and strobe lights--even concrete bollards at the crossing to keep unwanted vehicles and residents out.

"You need to make it secure so somebody doesn't just speed down Coosa Street, breaks through [the barrier], and nobody knows about it," McInnish explained.

With all of those precautions ready to go, city staffers say it's now out of their hands.

The only thing left to do is wait.

"It takes time to go through the process," McInnish said.

A concept local hotels understand while they wait anxiously for the whistle to stop.

"As long as we have the possibility of that in the near future, its something we can live with," Ezelle said.

Reporter: Cody Holyoke