Product Liability

Product Liability

Manufacturers have a legal responsibility to ensure that their products, when used in the intended manner, do not harm consumers.

This responsibility extends to designers, wholesalers, retailers, and anyone else involved with the sale of consumer products including automobile manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

In the past, "buyer beware" was the prevailing legal notion. Current law, however, imposes a form of strict liability on the people who make defective products. It assumes that manufacturers and sellers must take reasonable means to protect consumers.

This includes providing warnings when potential hazards accompany specific products, as well as ensuring that defective or malfunctioning parts are not used in their products. When manufacturers breach this duty, victims are entitled to monetary damages.

Cases involving defective products are frequently a battle of experts. Securing the assistance and testimony of qualified experts can be one of the most difficult, expensive and important tasks in preparing and presenting a product defect case. We have ready access to the best experts in the field. Also, we are always willing to advance reasonable expenses for an investigation of your case.

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