Consumer Fraud

Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud exists when a consumer has purchased merchandise, services, or property that is not how it was advertised or sold.

Many states have enacted laws to protect consumers from false advertisements, unfair methods of competition, and unfair or deceptive acts or practices. These methods of advertising are based on false or untrue statements that encompass representations made and representations failed to be made.

The quality, reliability, or durability of the product the manufacturer or seller is advertising cannot misrepresented, though the manufacturer or seller may be liable even if they have not stated anything deceptive but instead failed to disclose a material fact.

Insurance companies often misrepresent their products in order to make an initial sale. When the insurance policy is finally issued, it often does not contain the terms and coverages presented to the consumer at the time the policy was sold.

Financial institutions are also guilty of consumer fraud in the area of credit cards, often including unauthorized charges or worthless products to the consumer's account. Our firm has enjoyed great success prosecuting claims of insurance and consumer fraud. If you believe that you have been a victim of such conduct, please call us.

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