Controversy Surrounds First Hyundai Deal

In an agreement dated June 18th city, county, and state leaders signed off on a plan to meet three goals to make the the Hyundai deal a good one for Alabama. They would seek out contractors who could complete the work and do the best job for the lowest price. Also, preference would be given to minority owned businesses, and local businesses would get first priority.

The first contract on the table is a Hyundai site prep proposal. It will cost taxpapers about $7 million in bond money. Bidding opened Monday and Newell Road Builder won the project. They met the price goal by offering the lowest bid and the minority requirement by hiring minority owned businesses to complete the work with them.

But they fall short of the local business goal because a company out of Auburn will make the most on this deal.  Councilman James Nuckles says he's worried local businesses will be locked out of the Hyundai deal by contractors from other cities.

The deal is not final but so far Newell Road Builder is leading the pack of 250 companies that made a bid. Newell is located in Hope Hull and actually has other businesses working with them on this project that are based in Montgomery. But some say that's by accident.  They want to make sure the city doesn't drop the local business requirment again.