Obama and Clinton Prepare for Final Primaries

The long long Democratic primary contest is about to end.

Two final primaries remain on Tuesday.

Barack Obama looks like the sure winner, but a huge question remains unanswered:  Will Hillary Clinton give up and concede or will she fight on??

She is still saying she should be and will be the Democratic nominee.

Aides say Hillary can still win.

"She should be on the phone, as I will and everyone else, calling the super delegates, making her argument," said campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe.

That's Clinton's only chance.

Despite her Sunday win in Puerto Rico, and even if she sweeps the last primaries tomorrow in South Dakota and Montana, Clinton will trail in delegates.

She'll have to convince about 100 to switch to her.

Her new TV ad is aimed at super delegates

She says she's hopeful, but more super delegates are declaring for Barack Obama.

His team is focused on the last 40 or so that would lock up the nomination.

"We're gonna be busy trying to make sure that we get all the super delegates we need, hopefully by tomorrow night,  but if not within the next couple of days," said Obama supporter and Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill.

Obama plans to claim that he's the Democratic nominee after tomorrow's primaries.