Private School In Montgomery Vandalized

A horrific mess at Alabama Christian Academy on Wares Ferry Road in Montgomery.

"We're all distressed," says superintendent Milton Slauson.

Vandals did just about all they could do to the school; sprayed a fire extinguisher in one hallway, bashed in classroom door windows and in an elementary art class, the suspects took paint and splattered it all over the room, and that's not all; the criminals also stole laptop computers and digital cameras.

Slauson says there is no other way to put it; this hurts.

"I've been here 14 years and it's tough to take in the extensive damage that's been done," said Slauson.

In all the vandals caused $100,000 worth of damage. School officials and police say they know at least two people maybe 3 broke in sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. The school's security camera captured one of the suspects on camera, and based on that video there is no evidence the suspects attended Alabama Christian Academy.

"We pray for them and hope they will change their hearts," said Slauson.

Alabama Christian Academy has a student population of 1,000. Educators at the school say they try to teach the importance of responsible behavior, something not shown over the weekend by the two vandals.

Alabama Christian Academy was vandalized 8 years ago but nothing like this. No arrests at this hour.

The school's maintenance man discovered the vandalism Sunday morning when he stopped by on his way to church.