Personnel Changes at Baptist Health

The downturn in the economy has now hit area hospitals. Our newsroom has received several phone calls from viewers about lay-offs at Baptist Health. The company says it's feeling the pinch like everybody else but it says it is not - repeat not laying off any employees.

A spokesman says the callers maybe confusing that with the restructuring that's going on now. Baptist Health admits it is trimming its expenses and is eliminating 40 jobs it's declared unnecessary.

The spokesman also says about 20 of those folks have interviewed and found other positions in the company or have gone with physicians. As for the others, Baptist Health's Tommy McKinnon says their futures remain uncertain. "There are a number that are still going through the interview process right now and there are a number that have chosen not to participate in the interviewing process. We're looking at approximately one per cent of the total work force was affected and of course half of that already found jobs."

McKinnon says Baptist Health did have to lay off about 200 people six years ago but he says that's not what's happening there now.

Baptist also says the nursing staff remains untouched. Only support staff with jobs like clerical and maintenance are being eliminated.