Covington County Business Encourages Employees To Bring Used Cooking Oil To Work

At Shaw Industries Cary Baker woke up one day with a goal.

"I started doing some research on line about diesel and cooking oil," said Baker.

A goal to find a way to make a huge boiler at Shaw Industries run more efficiently and become more of a friend to the environment. Shaw makes carpet yarns.

One thing led to another so Baker dashed off a memo to more than 1,200 employees, a memo encouraging workers to bring some used cooking oil to work.

So far company employees have collected two and a half barrels, some 130 gallons of cooking oil and they'll pour all of it into Shaw's new $13,000 bio-diesel processor.  The mixing is a complicated process that takes about 48 hours.

The company spends about $90,000 a month on fuel costs, but adding bio-diesel to the boiler will save only about 1% in fuel costs, not much of a savings according to Baker but he says that's not the point.

"This is a good way to become more environmentally friendly," Baker said.

Adding bio-diesel begins next week for Shaw Industries.