Seizure of Perry County Election Files Begins

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Attorney General Troy King's office has served subpoenas for the voting records in Perry County concerning Tuesday's primary election.

King said Thursday his office had seized documents concerning applications for absentee ballots, poll lists, ballot accounting sheets, polling place sign-in sheets and other voting records.

Secretary of State Beth Chapman had earlier expressed concern that the west Alabama county received 1,114 absentee ballots in Tuesday's primary. That figure totals 19% of the county's voters where many other counties had just 2% of votes in absentia.

"Perry County is either the poster child for voter fraud, or the poster child for voter turnout. I hope it is the latter," Chapman said.

Perry County is a rural county with 8,361 registered voters. According to Chapman the unofficial vote totals for the county were "unusually high". A 50% turn out rate in the county was more than double other counties Chapman said.

Chapman had also said that a candidate was seen loitering in a polling place and was apparently instructing voters how to vote.

Perry County Sheriff James Hood has said he went to the polling place and found nothing unusual.

The Secretary of State's office will push for the maximum number of federal election observers in the general election.

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