Missing Teen Found Dead In Tallapoosa County

Something terrible happened on Highway 49 South near Dadeville Tuesday night.

"It's horrible," said Jennifer Brown.

Brown is stunned, amazed that someone could run over somebody and keep going. In this case it was Brown's brother-in-law, 18-year old Mark Klippstein.

"They didn't even stop," Brown said.

Troopers say Klippstein was walking back home from a nearby store when he was apparently struck from behind. It was Jennifer's husband and another relative who found Klippstein's body 12 hours later. Authorities found part of a car grill near the scene but they're not sure if it has anything to do with the hit and run.

"At this point we don't have a description of the vehicle," said Sgt. Robert Watson.

The family tells WSFA 12 News Mark Klippstein moved to Tallapoosa County from Colorado recently. He was undergoing kidney dialysis treatments, waiting and hoping to get on a list for a new kidney.

Two hit and run fatalities in the same area in just over a year. Traffic homicide investigators don't believe this is the beginning of a trend, but admit it's a strange coincidence. Investigators still don't have a suspect in the hit and run death of 28-year old Chris Vernon.  Vernon died on Highway 34 about a mile from where Klippstein died. And much like Vernon's case, no suspect yet in Klippstein's death. Two hit and run fatalities that remain unsolved.