Editorial: Election Rules

Editorial Election Rules 6-5-08

One out of every ten registered voters statewide voted this week.

Montgomery County registered voters showed up a bit more -just under two in ten.

Imagine what the numbers will be next month in runoff elections. And these are just the numbers of registered voters - never mind all who didn't even register!

It isn't right for so few to determine who will be elected to some very important positions.

Contrast that to February, when a record four out of every 10 voted.

February had the appeal of the Presidential candidates on the ballot.

It was great that Alabama voters had a greater voice this year in determining the presidential nominee.

That wouldn't have been the case if our Presidential primary was this week.

When Barack Obama gives his acceptance speech for the nomination in August - 45 years to the day of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech - Alabamians will know they helped make it happen.

When we go through this process again in four years, let's hold all races together. The earlier the better in the primary season - but don't split the dates. Certainly voting for presidential, congressional, senatorial and local candidates together will insure the largest voter turnout.