Jubilee City Fest is a Go for 2009

Mark your calendar for Memorial Day weekend 2009. Jubilee City Fest will be back for another year. Festival organizers met with city officials about the prospect Thursday.

It's a capital city tradition each spring, but in recent years, Jubilee lost some of its luster. A decrease in revenue led to concerns about whether the music festival would return.

Following increases in city subsidies, Mayor Bobby Bright insisted that the festival cut costs and increase revenue.

Festival organizers told him Thursday they have turned a corner. Net revenue for the 2008 festival was around $100,000. That's better than any of the previous three years.

"We had great weather and great acts this year," said Jubilee City Fest Executive Director Marianne McLeod.

She also thanked the volunteers, sponsors and more than 33,000 ticket buyers.

"Our mission was to cut expenses and make some money, which we did," McLeod said.

The festival made money by cutting its length from three days down to two days and reducing the number of tasks it contracted out. The savings will be deposited into a rainy day account to help pay for future festivals.

Since Jubilee City Fest became a non-profit organization in 1993, it claims to have provided more than $6.1 million worth of entertainment to over 1.4 million people in downtown Montgomery.