Tomatoes Pulled from Store Shelves

The nation's restaurants and grocery stores on alert. Scientists have linked a salmonella outbreak to certain types of tomatoes. Now, stores and restaurants have pulled tomatoes from their shelves and some customers found the news hard to swallow. Kajuana Miller asked, "Are you serious?"

Restaurants, like Firehouse Subs, pulled the tasty fruit from its menu when the FDA sounded the alarm about a salmonella outbreak linked to tomatoes. Since mid-April, the agency says there have been 145-cases in 16-states of people infected with the virus.  "Even if the tomatoes are good, we didn't want to take the chance," said Firehouse Manager Jonathan Briggs.

When the warning came out, East Side Grill took a favorite - fried green tomatoes off its menu. Owner Eric Duggar told WSFA 12 News, "We have offered substitutes."

At grocery stores an empty shelf with a notice alerting customers about the health risk is a familiar sign.  For now, customers are okay without tomatoes saying they'd rather be safe than sorry.

The tomatoes involved: red plum, red roma and red round. Cherry, grape and homegrown tomatoes are still safe to eat.   For more information check out