Editorial: Maxwell/Gunter Air Force Base

Editorial Maxwell/Gunter AFB 6-10-08

People make a place and our community is much richer because of the people who come through Maxwell/Gunter Air Force Base each year. They impact our community beyond the $1.8 billion dollars they contribute to the economy and more than 6,000 secondary jobs directly attributable to their presence.

They volunteer their time and talent in the community, and expand our cultural diversity, helping all of us.

Their top leader, Lt. General Stephen Lorenz, will turn over command of Air University next week to Lt. General Allen Peck. We thank Lt. General Lorenz for his exceptional leadership here. He actively worked to better connect civilians with the military and helped this facility make a difference in our community and the world.

This is the intellectual and leadership center of the Air Force and we are fortunate Montgomery is its home. World leaders are trained here every year.

We will say goodbye to Lt. General Lorenz and many of our military friends and neighbors this summer and welcome new ones. We appreciate your dedication and service to our region and our country, and making the world a better and safer place.