Supporters Vow to Return Reed's Name to ASU Acadome

Embattled Alabama State University trustee Joe Reed is fighting back. He says the school's acadome will once again bear his name. Fellow trustees had voted to remove his name, claiming Reed created negative publicity for the school.

But at a rally Tuesday night, Reed and his supporters claimed it was the trustees who were creating negative publicity by mismanaging the university. They called the name removal petty.

"For them to do him the way they did I think is wrong," Chris Jones said.

"I didn't embarrass Alabama State University," Reed told WSFA 12 News. "I embarrassed the board."

Reed pointed out that only 5 of the 12 ASU board members were present to vote on the name change. He says those five members are angry because he often disagrees with their decisions on spending.

"These are the kind of things that are financially irresponsible and the only thing I want to do is try to save the taxpayers money," he said.

Reed says one of the issues that got him in hot water was his opposition to bringing back former ASU president William Harris. Reed says Harris was in office when many of the school's financial problems started.

At the time, Harris was asked to leave. Trustees recently voted to bring him back to the school as interim president as they search for a replacement for Dr. Joe Lee, who recently resigned.

Reed hopes that once all 12 members of the board are present, they will vote to return his name to the Acadome. If not, he'll go to the state legislature.

Legislators who attended Tuesday night's rally say they are willing to lend a hand.

"I'm an alumnus of Alabama State and I know all too well the good deeds, too numerous to mention, that Dr. Reed has done for our beloved alma mater," said Mobile Representative Yvonne Kennedy.

It was Reed who secured the funding for the Acadome in the mid-1980's. He's been associated with ASU since he was a freshman at the school nearly fifty years ago. It's a long-standing relationship his supporters call invaluable.

"Alabama State needs Dr. Reed," Jones said.

You can read the board's resolution calling for the removal of Reed's name from the acadome by clicking on the link to the right.

Reporter: Mark Bullock