AG Seizes Bullock County Election Records

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- Secretary of State Beth Chapman oversees elections for all of Alabama.

It's been a while, however, since reports from counties pointed to fixed races.

"They're not being taken lightly, and if indeed the alleged allegations are true, [people] will be prosecuted," Chapman explained.

First, there was Perry County--with an astounding voter turnout last Tuesday.

Now, Attorney General Troy King wants voting records--namely, absentee ballots and applications--from Bullock county as well.

King, in a press released, stated a subpoena was ordered after his office learned of alleged improprieties.

Democrat Terry Jackson ran for the Bullock County Commission and held a 311 vote lead before a surprisingly massive number of absentee ballots ousted him from victory.

The votes put his opponent on top by nearly 80 votes.   Jackson's election was one of two races swayed by the absentee.

"[Nearly] 23% voted absentee that day, and that's a large number," Jackson said.

Those high turnouts raise serious red flags in Montgomery, especially with widespread allegations of "vote-brokering"-- buying votes for money or other goods.

"I cannot fathom any Alabamian--any American, especially in these war times--ever taking any price for their votes," Chapman said.

With the outcome of two races determined by absentee ballots, candidates in Bullock County say they just want to make sure every vote cast was a legal one.

'As long as it's a fair and clean election, I'm fine with it," Jackson explained.

Secretary Chapman says Bullock and Perry counties mark the tip of the iceberg as far as allegations go.

So far, she's fielding complaints from five counties, while the State Attorney General's office examines records to rule out --or discover--any fraud.

NOTE: WSFA 12 News tried to reach the winners of the two contested Bullock County Commission races--Johnny Adams and Alonzo Ellis, Jr.--but they could not be reached for comment.

Reporter: Cody Holyoke