KEYS Program Helps Students

Summer break won't be over for more than a month, but that's not keeping some local students from working their minds right now. Huntingdon College's KEYS program aims to help youngsters reach their potential.

KEYS stands for knowledge and enrichment for young scholars. It's open to students from kindergarten to high school interested in the arts or sciences. Some youngsters are taking part in an exercise that re-creates the styles of Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh. While it looks like pure fun, instructors say there's an educational benefit as well. "It'll teach them to be better problem solvers. We don't focus so much on one particular academic subject as we do learning how to come up with unique, creative ways of expression. Some of the weeks we have touched on math, but again teaching them to be a problem solver," says KEYS instructor Linda Hughes.

Other KEYS program subjects will focus on ancient Egypt and the basics of designing an environmentally favorable home or habitat.