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Secretary of State: Voter Fraud Allegations Flooding In

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- First, allegations of fraud put the spotlight on Perry County's primary elections and then it was Bullock County.

Now, Secretary of State Beth Chapman says, "Since we first exposed alleged voter fraud in Perry County, reports of voter fraud have come out of the woodwork across our state."

Attorney General Troy Kings' office has seized voting records for Perry and Bullock Counties, but it may not stop there.

Secretary Chapman says Lowndes, Jackson, Hale, Jefferson, Dallas and Wilcox Counties are all included in reports of alleged violations that are streaming into her office.

In Lowndes County, the Secretary is looking into reports that absentee voters traded their votes for a load of gravel for their driveways, and of voters that showed up to vote but were told absentee ballots in their names had already been received.

Furthermore, Secretary Chapman says there are reports of absentee ballots cast from former Lowndes County citizens currently living as far away as Chicago.

Allegations in Jackson and Wilcox Counties include reports with the names of people who allegedly bought or sold absentee ballots.

In Jefferson County reports indicate people staying in the polling places and instructing voters on how to vote.

It was not immediately known what violations are alleged in Dallas or Hale Counties.

Chapman says, "We have exposed the deep, dark corruption of voter fraud and are glad to join hands with the Attorney General to shine light on it and end this disgraceful cycle that has gone on far too long in Alabama."

WSFA 12 News will continue to follow this story.


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