Bullock County Residents Take On Crime

A shooting on Highway 82 in Bullock County. The next day in Union Springs a minister reportedly got robbed while sipping coffee on his own front porch.

Meet the man who's tired of it all.

"I'm fed up with the crime in Union Springs and Bullock County," said Courtney Woodfaulk, head of the Bullock County Crimestoppers program.

Courtney Woodfaulk, born and raised in Union Springs, believes he's answering the call to try to do something about the rising crime rate, up 40% in the last year, according to Woodfaulk. The crimes have been primarily burglaries. Woodfaulk says part of his motivation stems from a close encounter his own son had with death in Atlanta.

"My son was shot in the home invasion," Woodfaulk said.

As the county's Crimestoppers director, Woodfaulk is inviting all to a meeting at the Career Tech Center with the local police, judges and the Crimestoppers board. The meeting starts at 6:30 tonight (Thursday) at the center and more than 50 people are expected to show up.

Bryan: "What do you hope to accomplish?"

Woodfaulk: "Get people to become more vigilant about their surroundings and help the Crimestoppers program,"

More 'Neighbhorhood Watch' programs is one idea.

The Crimestoppers meeting offers no guarantees of a permanent solution to the rising crime rate but Woodfaulk feels the need to do something, anything to get more people involved.

And neighbors getting involved he says has helped in the past. For example:

"We've done some drug raids in the Midway community and that's helped," Woodfaulk said.

As a former Corrections Officer in Georgia, Courtney Woodfaulk has no illusion to think crime will simply stop all at once, but his hope of a turnaround is as long as Highway 82.

"It's an open forum," he said.

Exchanging one idea at a time.