Boy Scout Killed in Iowa Has Montgomery Connection

One of the boy scouts killed in the Iowa tornado has local connections. 13 year old Sam Thomsen's Grandparents live in Montgomery. Thursday morning they got word Sam was among the dead.   WSFA 12 News spoke to a close family friend about the loss.

Allen McLellan met Sam several times. McLellan and Sam's Grandfather, John Burch, are close friends. McLellan says Burch delivered the sad news Thursday morning.  He says, "I was just shocked, still shocked."

Sam's story is incredible. McLellan tells us his life a was miracle. He says his birth mother was,"A young, unmarried woman who had actually decided she didn't want the baby and planned an abortion. Just prior to having the abortion, she went into labor."

The Thomsens adopted Sam shortly after he was born. "He read at an early age, learned how to use the computer as a young kid," says McLellan.

Sam was at the head of the pack. The Boy Scouts chose Sam to attend the camp in Iowa to train him as a future scout leader. "Sam would have gone on to become a camp counselor and eventually a staff member," adds McLellan.

Wednesday night, fate had another plan. "It's just hard to understand why. Something bad happens to good people," says McLellan.

The Thomsen family knows the good lord giveth and the good lord taketh away. Their miracle now gone. McLellan believes the Thomsens would want others to learn from their loss. "they would people to hug their own children and realize the uncertainty of life."

Reporter: Sally Pitts