Russert Remembered on Sunday's "Meet the Press"

Washington -- As the saying goes, if it's Sunday, it's "Meet the Press."  But for the first time in 17 years, the show is now without its respected host, Tim Russert.  Tom Brokaw anchored a special edition of the show filled with clips of Russert and his many tough, but fair interviews.

Its signature opening music was gone the moderator's chair was empty as NBC's "Meet the Press" aired this sunday minus its longtime host, Tim Russert.

Tom Brokaw anchored a special tribute to Russert with the show's executive producer Betsey Fischer and friends and colleagues who knew him best.

James Carville, a friend of Russert's and a Democratic strategist said "the biggest insult to him was that someone would come on here and wasn't prepared for his show didn't take it seriously."

Clips of some of Russert's toughest interviews were aired where he asked the questions the average American wanted answered.

As many said, Russert put you in the hot seat but was always fair.

The show closed with Russert's buddy Bruce Springstein playing a tribute piece and remarks from the newsman on a very different Father's Day.

Now the nation joins Russert's father and son and other loved ones in saying goodbye.

Tim Russert will be remembered in a public wake on Tuesday in Washington. Followed by a private memorial service and funeral on Wednesday.