Truck Drivers React to News of I-65 Closures

As a part of the Department of Transportation's nearly $200 million widening and rebuilding of Interstate 65, the Department of Transportation will temporarily close three major on-ramps to I-65.

The Northbound ramps at South Boulevard, Edgemont and Fairview exits will be closed for 35 days starting next Monday. This allows the Department to re-surface the outside lanes along this heavily traveled stretch of highway.

Drivers are already talking about the inconvenience it will cause them. The ones likely to be the most affected: truck drivers. Bob Widendorf makes his living driving Americas roadways.  Widendorf says one of his favorite stops along the way is the Travel Center on the Southern Boulevard. With the state's plans to close the Northbound entrance and exit ramps for more than a month, Widendorf says it looks like a long road ahead from truckers like him.

Trucker Scott Fisher says schedules are already tight and detours will just add time. "Consumers will not like it.  They'll want to know where is my stuff," say Fisher.

The last thing drivers want is a detour that's going to cost them more money at the pumps. Right now, the drivers say they're trying to look down the road to the positives - a better interstate and smoother ride. "We'll cross that bridge when we get there," says Widendorf.

We're told officials will start diverting traffic this Friday and begin work Monday. The Southern Boulevard, Edgemont Avenue and Fairview Avenue ramps will be closed for about 35 days.

The entire re-construction of Interstate 65 will take at least another year and a half.

DOT officials plan to close the on ramp leading I-65 north to I-85 north for about 3 hours this weekend.