Ancient Pot Found Next to...Well, Pot

Police made an unusual discovery during a raid in Albuquerque late last month.

UNM archaeology officials say this piece of pottery has turned out to be a little more than 1,000 years old and came from somewhere in the four corners area.

Chief Ray Schultz of the Albuquerque Police Department says "with the assistance of the fbi this piece of pottery came to the attention of detectives realizing that it didn't belong there nobody knew how it had gotten there or who it belonged to."

Detectives found the pot inside a cupboard of an RV next to meth and crack cocaine and the other kind of pot, marijuana.

Detective Timothy Fassler of the Albuquerque Police Department says "because of its location with narcotics involved it seemed out of place and i wondered if it had any significance."

Timothy Fassler is the detective who made the discovery and decided to turn it over to UNM to see what he had found.

Detective Fassler says "I was thankful i didn't trip with it because i carried it around like it was just a regular pot at the time, i had no idea."

The mayor's native american liaison says the find is invaluable to whichever tribe it belongs to.

Heather Townsend of the Albuquerque Mayor's Office says "it's very important to understand what it was used for who it was used by the spiritual reflection on it is very sensitive and we have to make sure that we follow proper protocol."

Until scientists can figure out where it came from, the pot has a new home at the
Albuquerque Museum.  Officials say this particular pot had been damaged but was repaired by whoever had it last.  Museum officials will work to restore it as best they can.