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Four Men Break Into Home And Pistol-Whip Homeowner In Elmore County

Pistol-Whipped Man Tells Horrifying Story Of Home Break-In Pistol-Whipped Man Tells Horrifying Story Of Home Break-In

Elmore, Al. (WSFA) -- 5 AM Tuesday on Fitzpatrick Road in the community of Elmore.

Four men forced their way into Glenn Gardner's home, quietly walked around to the bedroom and started the family's nightmare.

"My head was right there and all I know is I got hit," Gardner said.

And that was only the beginning.

"They screamed 'where's the keys, where's the money!', said Gardner.

Demanding and threatening all at once.

"They went so far as to grab him (baby) away from me and threatened to kill him if we didn't show them where the money was," said Gardner's wife Rosa Rhodes holding the couple's 7-month old son Austin.

One hour later it was over. The 4 suspects got away with $600, electronics and Glenn Gardner's 1997 Ford Explorer. They left a family shaken and Gardner bleeding from the head. It took 4 staples to close the wound.

"It could have been worse," said Gardner.

It turned out Gardner knew one of the 4 men. He even got a good look at him. A description that led to 22-year old Travis Zeigler, an acquaintance who lived less than 4 miles away, turned in by his own grandfather.

Bryan: "Why do you think they picked you?"

Gardner: "We 4-wheeled together and he knew I had rams on my truck."

Even more troubling according to Elmore County investigators is that Zeigler went on to work later in the morning as if nothing had happened.

"He was employed and had a good job," said Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin.

So far Travis Zeigler isn't saying much from behind bars.

"He's been charged with first degree robbery, first degree burglary and third degree assault. With a home invasion he's looking at a long ride," Franklin said.

A long ride that may have just started at the Elmore County Jail.

Meantime back on Fitzpatrick Road in Elmore, the Gardners aren't staying at their home for now. They say the break-in and the beating is still too fresh and the three other suspects are still on the run.

WSFA 12 News found Travis Zeigler's grandfather's home but was unable to reach him at home or by phone to get the family's side of the story.

Reporter: Bryan Henry

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