Pike Animal Shelter Announces Site for Future Shelter

Troy, Ala. (WSFA) -- It was a day of celebration in Troy.

Just one year ago the Pike Animal Shelter announced it was starting a community initiative to build a new animal shelter in Pike County.

One year later, they have a site, a partnership with the city of Troy and more.

Troy animal control officer Ken Andress says he's one lucky guy.

"I get to go to work and play with dogs all day," explained Andress.

Andress is one of two animal control officers for the city of Troy.

"It's a joy to see an animal we get find a forever home, find loving people that will take care of them," says Andress.

Soon he'll get to see more animals receive help.

Andress was just one of many on hand for the announcement of the site for the future Pike Animal Shelter.

The future home of the animal shelter is located on an acre of land on Henderson highway in Troy.

Organizers say it's an empty field but its much more than what they had a year ago.

"This is the step that we needed to push us forward in to actually building," said Ed Stevens, with the Animal Shelter.

"This is a beautiful piece of land that is zoned appropriately, that is perfectly accessible," said Donna SChubert, of the Animal Shelter. "It's a wonderful piece of land with utility access and I say that this vision is really becoming a reality."

The new shelter will include kennels for both dogs and cats, medical treatment areas, and multifunctional space.

The land for the site was donated to the group.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis