Greenville Auto Parts Manufacturer Lands Major Contract

Greenville, Al. (WSFA) -- They already supply parts for the Hyundai Santa Fe, Sonata, and many other cars.

Now add Kia to the client list of Greenville's Hwashin America Corporation.

The company recently announced the plan to build chassis parts for use on SUVs at the auto giant's $1.2 Billion plant in West Point, Georgia, still under construction.

It's a move that will effectively bring revenue--and jobs--to Butler County.

"Initially, when [Kia starts], we'll hire a small amount, but we'll gear up and 'ramp up' as they do," explained HR Manager Josh Simmons.

That means the potential for 100 new employees in Greenville over the next two years--a concept city leaders welcome with open arms.

"Georgia has been trying to get Hwashin to come over there and put people to work for many, many months now," explained Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon.   "I think it tells a lot about our workforce in Greenville that they want to be here."

With layoffs rampant throughout the country, employers say it's a good thing to be able to bring jobs to the area.

"You hear all the grim news about the economy being so slow.  It's good to hear something positive for a change," Simmons said.

Something positive from a company already bringing big business to Greenville.

"Hwashin is probably the largest 'tier-one' supplier we have, but it's going to get larger, and that's great," McLendon said.

Currently, Hwashin employs about 300 workers.  The company says their current location on Montgomery Highway will be large enough to accommodate the increase in new hires.

Company officials say they'll start work as soon as the West Point plant is completed in Spring of 2009.

Reporter: Cody Holyoke