Ultimate Slice and Grade - Does It Work?

If you're in the kitchen a lot cooking or cutting food you'll want to check out this Does It Work segment. It's one that you've more than likely seen before and probably wondered, does that work? David Hagood has the answer. It's one of the older as seen on tv products, a slicer that claims it can do it all from french fries to graded cheese. This one is called the "Ultimate Slice and Grade" it's from the Pampered Chef. It's the same concept of the "V Slicer". You have a food holder to protect your hands, and it also comes with 4 other blades to perform different types of cuts. So I tried out a few cuts. We've got potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers here to slice up. First we'll try to make my favorite... French fries. All you do it take the food holder and place the whole potato into the prongs of the holder, then using an up and down motion you just start slicing. And it's working great! Next up we'll try the cucumber. How about thin sliced cucumbers for your salad? Well all you have to do is change the blade, then start slicing! And what do you get? Just what the instructions claim you get... paper thin cucumbers. There's one big test for the "Ultimate Slice and Grade"... tomatoes! After a rough start, the tomato's start slicing easy. Speaking of easy clean up is almost as easy as slicing tomatoes. Just soak it in hot soapy water or pop it in the dishwasher. It works! That slicer came from the Pampered Chef and it sells for about $45.00. You can check it out by going to the pampered chef's web site by visiting ours at wsfa.com