Plane Hits Truck on Utah Highway

A Wednesday collision on a remote Utah highway had an unusual twist.

It involved a truck and a small airplane.

The crash involved the airplane and a semi truck after the pilot had to make an emergency landing on Highway 191 near the town of Vernal.

The pilot, 45-year-old Bart Hyde, said he was having mechanical problems and Highway 191 was the best place he thought to land.

When he landed, a semi truck was coming the other way.

One of the airplane's wings clipped the truck, breaking it off and causing damage to both the airplane and the truck.

"About halfway down the hill I noticed a plane coming around the corner of the mountain. he was still up in the air," said truck driver Jody Pixton.  "After everything was done I got out of my truck and went straight to the plane. I asked the pilot if he was ok and he looked at me like I was...'who are you?'".

Hyde and his 17-year-old son, Austin, were taken to Ashley Medical Center in Vernal but were released a few hours later.

"They're extremely fortunate. This could have been disastrous. As I think anyone knows, doing an emergency landing on a highway and then with a semi on the road as well. So they're very fortunate to be able to have some minor injuries," said Dr. Mark Holyoak.

Pixton suffered a minor shoulder injury in the crash.