6-Year-Old Approved for Credit Card

Chances are you get unsolicited credit card applications in the mail.  A suburban Chicago, Illinois mother got fed-up over the numerous applications sent not to her, but to her six-year-old son!

With a sheet of paper and some crayons, six-year-old Bennett Christiannsen can imagine just about anything but he never thought his dream of having a credit card would actually come true.

Bennett's mother, Amy Christiansen, says "as soon as we got it he opened it up and he was like 'yes! I can go to Toys R Us, I can go, you know spend up all this money'."

$600. The limit on the card Bank of America issued bennett after he filled out a credit application. His mom helped him with some of the questions.

Amy says "household income, which we put as zero because he doesn't have any income other than helping around the house"

Bennett says "I wanted to buy a present for my baby brother."

The Christiannsen's got Bennett's application in the mail along with a bunch of applications. They filled it out as a joke, never actually thinking that Bennett would get a credit card.

Amy says "did no one look at the application? We put his legitimate social security number, his legitimate birthday, his legitimate everything on it."

Bank of America blames the mistake on human error and says they've canceled the card.

Amy says "it's frightening to me as a consumer because this bank is giving a 600 dollar credit limit to a child."