Scam Targets Military Families

A scam using the American Red Cross brand and targeting military families is currently making the rounds.

Here's how it works.

A caller contacts the spouse or other family members of a military person and says they are with the American Red Cross.

The caller notifies the family that their loved one has been wounded in combat and they are to be air-lifted to Germany for treatment.

The caller may ask additional questions about the wounded military person's background including their social security number and date of birth.

On follow-up calls, they may even ask for "donations" to help cover the cost of the air-lift and medical care.


The American Red Cross does not typically contact military members or their families when the veteran has been wounded or killed in action. That duty falls on the service member's Command or the casualty assistance branch of the respective Service.

If you receive any calls that seem similar or are suspicious in nature, you are asked to call your Family Readiness Group or Military Personnel Unit.