Bama football readies for season

Dennis Franchione says Alabama can't represent the west, but they can win the west. That will be one of the first goals for the Crimson Tide when practice starts in about a month.

Senior quarterback Tyler Watts looks at it like the old cliche...when handed lemons..make lemonade. "Its been a fun 4 years, and we put in a lot of work and now its just time to go out there and just have fun, just do the things we've been doing to get us to this point, relax, we can't press things, just because its your senior year, your last go' have to go out there and make the most out of it because it could be your last opportunity to play, " Tyler says.

Some former Alabama stars are trying to make the most of an the NFL. Terry Jones Jr and Freddie Milons say its taking a little time to adjust to pro football. Freddie says, " I had some bumpy days and that was expected, but I bounced back. I showed some progress from the start of training camp to the end of training camp."

Terry Jones Jr. says, "Now its just football and its kind of hard, just putting all my eggs in football right now. because I know this is my job, this is what I want to do and its kind of hard just putting everything into football, but I have to start putting stuff into perspective and just come out here and just work hard."

Jones, Milons, and several others report to training camp in less than a month