Covering Lee County: Two of Alabama's Best-Known Trees Get a Spruce Up

Specialists performed a horticultural version of "Extreme Makeover" on Auburn's "Toomer's Corner" live oaks. They evaluated the structural integrity of the trees, removed dead or damaged limbs, braced weak branches and treated them for insects. Officials say despite signs

Despite signs of decline over the past decade, officials say the trees are far from being candidates for the chipper, as evidenced by a flush of dark green foliage. The larger tree has even shown signs of recovery from a gaping wound incurred a few years ago, when a vehicle crashed into it.

The trees have been a fixture at the junction of the campus and town for more than a century, often living for 400 years.  Various groups and individuals are looking for a long-term solution that would preserve both the trees and the tradition. In the meantime, they said, the university is taking steps, such as the current treatment, to improve growing conditions for the trees.