Botox for the Breasts

A new use for Botox.

A cosmetic surgeon says the injections normally used to fight wrinkles are just the thing for smaller breasted women who want a little boost but not surgery.

Beauty secrets always seem to begin in Hollywood, and this year's Academy Awards were no different.
Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Steven Davis said, "A friend of mine in Los Angeles started telling me what he was doing in preparation during the Oscars. This all started back then."

The idea is to boost a woman's bust line by injecting the wrinkle remover Botox.

"It's not a way to make the size larger, it's really what we call a Botox breast lift," said Davis.

Davis says it works by injecting the popular line smoother into muscles in the upper chest.

You think that would cause everything to sag and droop, but the doc says it's just the opposite.

Relaxing those muscles forces you to stand straighter which pushes out your chest. 
"By injecting those muscles, we're actually causing the muscles by the shoulder blades in the back to make you walk with better posture, which causes that whole shoulder girdle to be rotated out and you walk around with better posture and it looks like your breasts have been lifted," Davis said.

It's so new the doctor says he doesn't have any before and after pictures yet, but he has plenty of women who work in his office lined up ready to be guinea pigs.

Nurse Maureen Councillor doesn't want surgery but hopes the shots will make her look better in clothes.

"It's quick, it's easy, no big deal. That's really why I wanted to have it done," Councilor said.

Office receptionist Sue Mattern wants a little lift for the summer.

She hopes it will make her feel better in a bikini.

"It's an alternative to having breast augmentation done and like something that is permanent. This isn't permanent and I can see if I like it," Mattern said.
"I think the best patients are ones that have already had Botox elsewhere, so they kind of know what to expect, what's going to happen, when it's gonna kick in," said Davis.

The doctor says the side-effects are minimal but this is not an approved use for Botox.

The Botox boost lasts about three-months and costs about $500.00.

He says the best candidates are women with an *a* cup to small-b cup bra-size.