29 Soldiers Return From Iraq

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- It was a hero's welcome Monday for the 11-46th Personnel Battalion of the Alabama Army National Guard.

The 29 soldiers arrived Monday morning at the Fort Taylor Hardin Armory in Montgomery.

There were tears of joy, but also of concern.

Specialist Robert Williamson literally had a soldier on active duty die in his arms, something that worries Williamson's mom.

"He was escorting troops from Kuwait to Iraq and they [were] in a seven convoy [of vehicles]," says Williamson's mother, Debbie Kenner.

One of the vehicles hit an improvised explosive device, IED, and her son went to help. Specialist Williamson was holding a fellow soldier, when he passed away.

When asked, it was clear that the subject was very difficult for Williamson to talk about, voice cracking as he said, "I can't say anything about it right now."

Williamson volunteered for the mission, something he didn't have to do.

This battalion could be called up again, but for now, they're home for at least 30 months.

The primary job of the 11-46th is administrative and logistics.