Thrift Stores: Sales High Despite Slowing Economy

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- Money.  It's a precious possession as prices for food and fuel continue to rise.

While other businesses report losses, thrift stores like Goodwill are seeing spikes in sales as new customers come in.

"People are pinched for money, especially with gas prices and food prices going up," explained Kristen Sherer of Goodwill Industries.

"I'm just looking for bargains, and I find items that [I] need," explained Montgomery resident Diane Thomas.

With budgets tightening across the board, residents aren't just shopping for clothing.  Many are targeting but bigger items that cost less than they would in a showroom.

"We're doing well in all areas," Sherer said.

Sales are up.  So are costs for businesses like Goodwill--as the gas that fuels their delivery and donation trucks becomes more expensive.

Though there are a few snags for thrift and retail operations, shoppers say the low prices certainly help lighten the financial load.

"I'm here because it's cheaper right now, and it won't put me in a financial bind," explained Danny Lewis, a Montgomery resident.

NOTE: While organizations like Goodwill report higher sales, the local branch of the Salvation Army reports no real changes in their numbers.  However, the organization says they're planning to open more thrift stores throughout the area.

Reporter: Cody Holyoke