Unveiling of Alabama's State Stamp Begins New Postal Service Series

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- If you're a stamp collector or just enjoy the art work on postage stamps you're going to love this!

On Tuesday, Governor Bob Riley and the U.S. Postal Service unveiled the new state of Alabama flag stamp.

The unveiling took place that the main U.S. Post Office on Winton Blount Blvd. in Montgomery.

Thanks to it's spot in the Alphabet of states, Alabama and nine other states are now the first to be featured in a series of 50 flag stamps.

Governor Riley unveiled the oversized Alabama stamp, which features the state flag and a shrimp boat.

Riley says, "...and we are the first state to officially unveil our new postage stamp. At least in my opinion the most beautiful stamp in the United States."

Alabama's flag is a crimson colored cross of St. Andrews against a white background.

St. Andrew was the Patron Saint of Scotland.

St. Andrew is said to have been crucified on an "X" shaped cross performed at his own request because he felt unworthy to die on the same type of cross on which Jesus was crucified.

Riley exclaims,"When you saw those shrimp boats piled up one on top of each other in just mass carnage...and you go back today...it really does represent the rest of Alabama."

Alabama's current standard became official on February 16, 1895, some 76 years after acceptance into the Union, according to state records.

You can purchase the stamp at your local post office.