AU-Bama Give back Clinic

4 months from now, Auburn and Alabama will be battling it out in the "Iron Bowl". But tonight, the Tide and the Tigers called a "truce", so they could "Give Back" to the kids in "Fever Country".

Its the first annual Give Back Clinic put on by Tide and Tiger football players and high school coaches. Alabama defensive lineman Jarret Johnson says, " I love working with kids. Its neat seeing their reactions to such big players and its really great working with them." Auburn defensive lineman Spencer Johnson says, "Its great to be a positive influence on them."

The players hope this experience sticks with the kids forever.Auburn tight end Robert Johnson says, "I hope they learn hard work pays off." Auburn tailback Carnell Williams says, " I hope they learn to believe in themselves and don't let anyone knock them down." Auburn defensive lineman Bret Eddins says, "I hope to instill the values of the YMCA."

The next time these players are on the same field, It'll be the Iron Bowl in November.