New Lanier H. S. Principal Brings Lessons from the NFL

A photo of Bobby Abrams from his days with the Patriots
A photo of Bobby Abrams from his days with the Patriots

When Montgomery schools open their doors on August 11th, there will be a new face to greet the students at Lanier High School. A new principal was appointed Tuesday night, and to say the least, he has a reputation of being 'hard hitting'.

When we went to McKee Junior High School, Bobby Abrams was busy moving boxes. "You can't go anywhere for four years and not have memories," he said. Now, he's busy packing up the memories from where he has spent the past four years.

"I knew that I wanted to motivate the staff."  He knew by motivating the staff he would motivate the students. As a result, McKee received the best test scores a school could get for the past two years, and he learned how to do it from his NFL days. "I was fortunate to have coaches such as Jimmy Johnson with the Cowboys and Bill Parcells with the Giants." Then he held up his hand to show his Super Bowl ring. "Super Bowl #25 was 1991. I wear it everyday, not to brag or boast, but for the children and for the teachers. They can see success."

He played professional football for the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Giants, for the New England Patriots and for the Minnesota Vikings. And, he says he learned how to be an administrator from all of those teams. "All of those things and those teachings I got from those tremendous coaches, I bring to my administrative style. So, it's a team rah, rah. We can do it. It's inspiring and teachers have bought into that."

But, through those years of rough and tumble, the NFL was not his main goal. "We've got little boys and students in the school saying, 'I want to be a pro football player.' I was a pro football player saying, 'I want to be a principal.'"

And, Abrams is taking with him a newspaper article written after he graduated from college at Michigan that he says keeps him focused. "It says, 'Abrams the Giant's free agent linebacker for Michigan plans to be a teacher and school administrator when his playing days are over.' I got this on my desk to remind me that seven years of playing professional football wasn't my life. My life is what I'm doing now. I'm living my dream now."

And, the football card of his days with the New York Giants he says is selling for about $2.00. However, with his enthusiasm, he's worth a whole lot more than that as a school principal.

By the way, that Super Bowl ring was from 1991 when the Giants beat the Bills by a score of 20 to 19. That was the first of Buffalo's infamous run of 4 consecutive Super Bowl loses.

Abrams first day at Lanier is July 1st. He's moving from a Junior High School with a student body of about 700 to almost twice that many at Lanier.

Reporter: Eileen Jones