City Budget Cuts to Affect Non Profit Agencies

Montgomery City Hall
Montgomery City Hall

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) -- The weakened economy is taking its toll. High prices are forcing many families to cut spending. But it's not just households that are affected. The city of Montgomery is also cutting corners.

This year, that also means reduced funding to non profit agencies. The proposed city budget cuts could impact some of the area's most worthwhile organizations.

"More than anything, it affects the victims and the families we are serving," said Marjorie Baker of the Family Sunshine Center, which assists victims of domestic violence.

Baker says donations and grants to the charity are down this year.

"Most non profits are experiencing cuts just like every household," she said.

Now it appears the city of Montgomery will also cut funding to the Family Sunshine Center.

Mayor Bobby Bright's proposed budget includes cuts to every city department and various non profit agencies. The reductions are the result of a 4% shortfall in sales tax revenue. The city is expecting a drop of between $6 million and $7 million.

For the Family Sunshine Center, it amounts to an $1,800 reduction.

"We're looking to the community to support us. We have an annual campaign that they can contribute to," explained Baker.

Other agencies like the Montgomery Area Council on Aging, the Family Guidance Center, and the Chemical Addictions Program are also slated to receive cuts.

The city is still in the midst of budget negotiations. The final spending plan must be approved by the city council before the beginning of the fiscal year, which is October first.

Reporter: Mark Bullock