Dothan City Schools Approve New Zoning Plan

Dothan, Ala. (WSFA) --  Dothan city schools are making some big changes to their school zones.

Monday night the school board voted to restructure the design of the zones and add some new school choices for students.

Superintendent Dr. Sam Nichols is looking forward to future.

"It's exciting we think it's a wonderful plan," said Dr. Nichols.

He's talking about the Dothan school boards unanimous vote to rezone it's school districts.

"This is a viable way to support two high schools and to support our school system and provide opportunities for our kids," said Dr. Nichols.

The new zones create two cluster zones, with each having 4 and half elementary schools and two middle schools.

The dividing line for the new zones is main street, with schools north feeding into Northview high school and those south feeding into Dothan high school.

"It's give them the education experience that they so deserve in out community,"explained Dr. Nichols.

The new zoning plan will also add two more magnet schools to the city school system.

Heard elementary and Beverlye middle school will change to magnet schools.

this means each cluster zone will have magnet schools at the elementary and middle school level.

"By doubling our capacity it gives more opportunities," said Dr. Nichols.

The changes are to begin in fall of 2009.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis