Pike Road Approves Rezoning on Controversial Plot of Land

Pike Road, Al. (WSFA) -- The Pike Road town council met Thursday morning to carve out the future for land at the intersection of Vaughn and Ryan Roads.

The meeting resulted in the approval of a rezoning ordinance which clears the way for construction.

The signed compromise handed over to the town council cites the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by area neighbors against a developer.

The rezoning effort had been underway for months to determine if a new subdivision could be built on a plot of land in the area.

A developer purchased the 14 acre plot of land to build a small subdivision more than a year ago.

He was at a standstill until the town council rezoned the land, which was zoned for a small residential neighborhood with one acre plots of land for each home.

The problem? The developer wanted much larger plots of land per home and in order to do this the land had to be zoned accordingly.

Many of the local landowers have been concerned with changing the zoning because it brings the potential for commercial development.

The developer says he's only interested in building a subdivision, though.

There is no word on when the construction schedule will begin.