Florida Police Bust "Brothel on Wheels"

Miami Beach police have arrested six people in connection with the operation of what investigators called a "brothel on wheels."

Police said lap dancing, friction dancing and other activities took place in the front of the bus.

The back of the bus contained a VIP room.

Shopkeepers and hotel clerks said they were familiar with the brothel.

Hotel worker Ian Wallace Elliot said he was solicited by people from the bus more than once.

He said the driver used to drive the bus up and down the street in front of his hotel.

The women would come inside the hotel and ask to use the bathroom.

Elliot described the women as "very voluptuous."

"A lot of them had a cowboy hats on," he said. "They had Daisy Duke shorts on and tight shirts."

He said he was "very, very tempted" to get on the bus to see what it was like.

Christine Morteh, 29, of Miramar, the owner of the limo-bus, faces prostitution and other related charges.

Miami-Dade jail spokeswoman Janell Hall said Morteh faces charges including offering to commit or engage in prostitution, conducting business without a license, directing another to a place of prostitution and deriving support from prostitution.

Hall said Morteh was released on $7,000 bail on Tuesday and does not yet have an attorney.

Several of the women arrested on the bus have bonded out, but none of them wanted to comment on the case.

The limo-bus is a custom body on an International truck frame that costs approximately $200,000.

It was custom-made in Naples, Florida.

While the vehicle had a plush interior, it was also a little worn, with balding tires and expired tags.

Police said the operation was apparently lucrative.

An undercover officer said in court that he saw money everywhere...on the floor, in G-strings and on the register.

"In 19 years, I've never seen this," he said.

The bust was part of a nationwide undercover sweep called "Operation Cross Country" that was aimed at finding child prostitutes and headed by the FBI.

Operations in 16 cities led to the recovery of 21 children, the FBI said.

FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said there were no child prostitutes in the limousine.