Mother of Auburn Girl Missing Two Years Speaks

For Arlene Slesinski, there is simply no other way to put it.

"Not knowing is a living hell," said Mrs. Slesinski.

A nightmare of the worst kind, not knowing whether your child is alive. Arlene thought surely by now she would know something about what happened to her youngest child but as we learned on Thursday from Auburn Police Capt. Tommy Carswell:

"We hope for her safe return."

This case is taking longer than anyone expected and yet the family says they're satisfied with what investigators are doing.

"I feel in my heart they're trying all they can," said Slesinski.

We know a little more tonight about Lori. Her mom says Lori had good friends, no financial issues. She had just bought a new vehicle, a Mazda Tribute and would never leave her beloved pet. In short Lori Ann Slesinski would not run away. Arlene last talked with her daughter on June 8th, 2006, and from what she can remember everything was fine. 5 days later Arlene reported Lori missing and the very next day, an off-duty Auburn police officer found Lori's car on fire on the dead end of Dekalb Street.

"She wasn't that type of person. She would never leave her dog. We were close and if there was a problem she would have told me," said Slesinski.

WSFA 12 News asked Arlene Slesinski if she has a theory.

"I have no idea. Lori had no enemies at all. I hope she is still alive. A parent always has hope," said Mrs. Slesinski.

Lori Ann Slesinski would be 26 today with a birthday coming up in September, a birthday a mother so desperately wants to celebrate with her missing daughter.

Lori had just graduated from Auburn University but had plans to go back to school to get a Master's in psychology. She was employed at the East Alabama Mental Center when she vanished.

Authorities are encouraging anyone who has any information to call the Auburn Police Department's Tipline at 334-501-7337 or the Lee County Crimestoppes Program at 1-888-522-7847.