President Bush Visits Alabama

For only the second time in his presidency, President Bush came to Alabama on Monday. He came to raise money for Republican Congressman Bob Riley, who is running for Governor against Democrat Don Siegelman. He also came to speak to Alabama leaders and citizens on how the U.S. "economy is coming b

Mr. Bush says even though the stock market continues its slide, he says he's sure our economy is "fundamentally sound."

He cited strong first-quarter growth, low inflation and rising productivity as reasons American investors should be confident. Despite his words, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down nearly 300 points around noon on Monday. That's on top of last week's drop of nearly 700 points. A key factor in the sell off has been the accounting scandals that have rocked major companies.

Mr. Bush renewed his pledge to hold accountable those behind the scandals. He said lawmakers are working on a measure to toughen enforcement and penalties -- and urged them to finish work before they go on their summer vacation.

(The Alabama Associated Press contributed to this report.)