Sticky Pad - Does It Work?

Have you ever put a pair of sunglasses or car phone on your car dash board only to have them fly off. Well there's a product out that claims it can stop all of that with it's unique sticking action. The question that we answer every Tuesday and Thursday, Does It Work. It's called the original sticky pad, it's a simple concept... the pad is not really sticky, it's more like a friction pad, kind like the underside of a mouse pad. After several car turns with cell phones falling, we placed the sticky pad on the dash board to give it a try, and I found the results a little surprising. First we tried the cell phone on the same turn in the road that gave us the most problems, and, that phone didn't move. Even trying just a jerking motion in the car didn't move the phone while it was on the sticky pad. Next we placed a pair of sunglasses on the dash next to the pad and as expected the sunglasses go flying. So we put both on, and neither could budge while riding on the sticky pad. Turn after turn, the phone and glasses were held in place. This product earns an A! It works! The cost of the sticky pad is relativity inexpensive, only around 5 dollars. You can purchase it from Bed Bath and Beyond or from their web site at

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