Editorial: Feedback

Editorial                Feedback                            7-1-08

Our editorial last week extolling Hyundai and encouraging  Volkswagen to build an assembly plant in Alabama,  joining Hyundai,  Honda and Mercedes,  brought this response from Tiffany Johnson:

"I support the current work force that is employed in Alabama with the vehicle manufacturing business, however should we really encourage more automotive industry with the downturn in our current economy?   Let's work to find other industries that are more resistant to recession or put more of the money that is attracting the automotive industry toward our struggling farmers."

Paul Barcus replied to our editorial on the education budget with a direct point:  "School funding is easy...get a lottery."

And Rodger Gandy's fix for the price of gas, "If our leaders really wanted to help people. They would regulate the gas companies the same as we do power and other necessities."

We appreciate all of your feedback!